How much does a cubic yard of mulch cover?

One cubic yard of mulch will cover 100 square feet (10' X 10') at 3" thick.

Can you deliver and dump the mulch in my back or side yard?

No. We will only dump on your driveway or hard surfaces.

Can I order mulch delivery or installation for a specific day?

Yes. Set up a delivery date of your choice. Deliveries typically available same day or next.  (No Sundays)   Installations are usually completed within 7-10 days of ordering. (weather permitting)

Can I pick up mulch from your place of business?

Not currently.

Can you Deliver / Install outside your local area?

Yes. Please call and we will discuss the possibilities.

Can you install a pre-emergent (weed preventer) prior to installing my mulch?

Yes. We currently us "PREEN" or "Jonathon Green" products. The cost is an additional $5.00 per cubic yard of mulch installed. This application does not kill weeds, it stops the germination of new weeds.
Note: The application of pre-emergent is no guarantee you will not have weeds.